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U.S. Trade Activities

The U.S. Agricultural Trade Offices in Tokyo and Osaka provide a variety of marketing and trade support services to U.S. exporters, ranging from assisting first-time buyers and trade teams to arranging trade shows, seminars and other promotional activities through which groups of U.S. agents can meet Japanese traders. In addition, we report on the latest market trends and advise U.S. business groups and trade associations on their Japan market development strategies. A more detailed description of our services and facilities can be found below.

ATO Core Marketing and Trade Support Services

Trade Shows and Related Promotional Activities
The ATOs organize and participate in a variety of trade shows, buyer showcases and related promotional activities throughout Japan each year introducing U.S. food and agricultural exporters and their Japanese representatives to potential Japanese buyers in the retail/wholesale and food service sectors. For a list of upcoming activities Click here.

Introductions to Japanese Buyers (for U.S. exporters)
The ATOs provide introductions to Japanese buyers through the following services:

  • Foreign Buyers List

    If there is already an established trade in a particular agricultural product, we can supply American exporters with a partial list of importing firms in Japan. Exporters can proceed to contact those firms directly with product literature, representative price quotations, and other information designed to initiate a business relationship.  To order via our FAS Washington headquarters Click here.
  • ATO Cooperator Network

    You can find Japanese buyers for your product via an extensive network of key Japanese contacts developed by both the ATOs and our family of cooperator trade associations with marketing representatives in Japan. Click here for the links to the various cooperator organizations.
  • Trade Leads (currently suspended for renewal)

    Trade leads is a free service providing up-to-date information on products being sought by Japanese importers, including such information as product specifications and bank references. U.S. firms can then contact the importers directly. Electronic access to Trade Leads is available on a daily basis within 24 hours of release. To search by products for Japan. Introductions to U.S. Suppliers (for Japanese importers) Click here
  • U.S. Suppliers List

    The U.S. Suppliers List is an on-line searchable database of U.S. suppliers of agricultural, fishery and forestry products. To search by product for Japan Click here.
  • Market Intelligence

    The ATOs periodically produce studies in areas of broad interest to the U.S. agricultural export community. We can provide background information on many major aspects of the Japanese market and suggest approaches which U.S. firms and associations might follow in conducting their own research into their products' sales potential. To access ATO and other Japan market reports Click here.
  • Briefings for Exporters and Trade Delegations

    Each year, the ATOs and the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Tokyo brief visitors on subjects related to the Japanese agricultural market. Briefings can be scheduled at the ATO conference room which can accommodate about 30 people in Tokyo and 100 in Osaka; smaller groups also can meet in the Embassy where the Office of Agricultural Affairs is located.
  • Assistance to Trade Organizations

    The ATOs and the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Tokyo provide advice and logistical support for USDA Foreign Market Development Program (FMD) and Market Access Program (MAP) participants, State Departments of Agriculture, and other regional and industry-sponsored market promotion organizations.
  • Other Assistance to Exporters

    Click here for other export assistance compiled by our FAS Washington headquarters covering basic exporting topics such as creating an export plan, U.S. export and foreign country import requirements and certifications, export financing, and transportation.



Integrated Food Quality Management Systems Activities

Food Safety Seminars and Exhibits

The ATOs in Japan and the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Tokyo conduct food safety seminars and exhibits, showcasing U.S. food safety systems and attributes to buyers at key regional and national trade shows and promotional events.

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